showers and watermelons

there must be something in the water… something magical. sensual. stimulating. we were in the middle of a conversation and ended up all 3 in a shower. steam on the mirror.

scrubbing the back of each other. somehow the touch of the soap on the skin transformed us. and pearls of water rolled down to her chest and jumped on the others breast, slipped down to her stomach, down her leg and mixed with the soap, away to the drain. the water closes your eyes.

soft hands, full of desire. slippery butt. my hands pressing yours against the wall. and her eyes closing, a smile was borned.
nails wish to scratch my back. wet kisses, one girl, the other. both of them. vaporous feelings.
the origin of life is supposed to be close to the water… there is no doubt it really should have happened… not like we did, but similar.

a watermelon smashed against the floor, representing how a triangular relationship ends.


3 comentarios to “showers and watermelons”

  1. heroine Says:

    and there’s no need to live it

  2. DIY Says:

    Nice one Issis…

  3. heroine Says:



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