Paris Texas

I knew these people. these two people. they were in love with eachother. the girl was very young… 17 or 18 I guess. and the guy was quite a bit older, he was kind of ragetey and wild… and she was very beautiful, you know. And toguether they turned everything into a kind of adventure. And she liked that. They were allways laughing at stupid things. He liked to make her laugh and… they didn’t much care about anything else, cause all they wanted is to be with eachother. They were allways toguether. And he… he loved her more than… he ever felt possible. Anyway, he started to drink real bad, he stayed out late to test her. To see if she get jealous. He wanted her to get jealous, but she didn’t. She just worried about him and that got him even madder.. He thought that she never got jealous of him, that she didn’t really care bout him. Jealousy was a sign of her love for him. and then, one night, one night she told him that she was pregnant. she was about 3 or 4 months pregnant. but he didn’t even know. and then suddelny everything would change. He stopped drinking and got a steady job. He was convinced that she loved him now cause she was carrying his child. And he was going to dedicate himself to making a home for her. But a funny thing started to happen. He didn’t even notice it at first. She started to change. the day the baby was borned she begun to be irritated about evrything around her. she got mad at anything. Even the baby seemed to be an injustice. He kept trying to make evrything allright for her. Buy her things, take her out to dinner once a week. But nothing seemed to satisfy her. But two years he struggled to pull them back together like they were when they first met. but finally, he knew that it was never going to work out. So he hit the bottle again. but this time, it got mean. This time when he came late home at night, she wasn’t worried about him or jealous. she was just in rage. She accused him of keeping her captive, making her have a baby. she told him that she dreamed about escaping. That was all she dreamed about: escape. She saw herself at nigh, running naked down a highway, running across fields, running down riverbeds, allways running. And allways just we she was about to get away, he would be there, he would stop her somehow. He would just appear to stop her. And when she told him these dreams, he believed them. he knew she had to be stopped or she was leaving forever. So he tied a cowbell around her ankle, so he could her at night if she tried to get out of bed. But she learned how to muffle the bell by stucking a sock into it. And she got away, out of the bed and into the night. He caught her one night when the sock fell out and he heard her running to the highway. He caught her and dragged her back to the trailer and tied her to the stove with his belt. He just left her there and went back to the bed and layed there listening to her screams and he listened to his son’s screams. He was surprised with himself, because he didn’t feel anything anymore. The only thing he wanted to do is to sleep. And for the first time he wished to be far away. Lost in the deep vast country where nobody knew him. Somewhere without language or streets. He dreamed about this place without knowing its name. And when he woke up, he was on fire. there were blue flames burning the sheets of his bed. He run thorugh the flames towards the only two people he loved. But they were gone. His arm were burning and he threw himself outside and rolled on the wet ground. And he ran. he never looked back to the fire. He just ran. He ran util the sun came up and he couldn’t run any further. And when the sun went down he ran again. For five days he ran like this. Until every sight of men had dissapeared.

4 comentarios to “Paris Texas”

  1. Folken Says:

    Si cambias la última parte por “y el simplemente le me´tia de hostias cuando le salía de los huevos” tienes el como quedarán más de un Rubas y una Jenny o como han quedado ya muchos antes que .

    Correr no arregla nada. Afrontar lo imposible tampoco

  2. Southmac Says:

    Gran película y enorme banda sonora.

  3. Cristiniña Says:

    Sobre teu comentário eu realmente naum intendi patavinas
    “te leo” me lees??? qdu??? u q??? aonde??? q parte???
    “y flipo com…” bom issu eh um assunto q naum vamus discutir ok?!
    “… de calabazas” u q era calabazas msm??? me soa como cabeças + axu q naum eh pq naum teria lógica, neh verdade?
    Bjin! Bjin!
    PS: sorry se naum teve nada a ver cum teu textu + agora to cum muuuuito sono pra le-lo e ainda + em “inglix” aí fuuu deu!!!

  4. issis Says:

    folken: entonces no tiene solución? en la peli lo tendría si él pudiera… pero a veces no se puede… yo no puedo.

    southmac: la banda sonora está bien, pero la guitarra, aquella tan conocida porque lo utilizaron en un programa de tv… pero el resto de la banda sonora es genial, compuesta en una sala con la proyección, genial, añadiendo poco a poco la percusión o un bajo. pero siempre partiendo de la simplicidad

    cristiniña: eu já respondí no teu mail. poe u su link a próxima vez e assín nao tenho que buscar cada vez desde o msn. beijao eu


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