tears in heaven

I had your letter in my pocket. You told me only to open it on the plane. I was all by myself and wasn’t prepared at all to read what you had written when I was sleeping close to you. Sitting close to the window and the city light started to pass by faster and faster. As we gained hight I opened the envelope. There was a ring, a chinese silver ring. I couldn’t believe you had counted the hugs, the caresses, the kisses, the nights we passed together the last week. My body started shaking. I felt like a vulcano just before erupting. An indian lady was sitting on my left asking me if I was fine, handing me paper tissue. – Thank you, I am not…
The city started to be out of focus, I continued reading the lines the heroes of the films we watched together said and how Elton John joined us at the pool after making love… Another salty tear fell into my mouth. There was I, sitting alone in a dark plane, thinking of you. Empty. Tissues in one hand, your letter in the other hand. Red eyes couldn’t read anymore.
Only some moths later in France i burried your memories in the sand of a beach.

7 comentarios to “tears in heaven”

  1. denke Says:

    The people you met in ths situacions becomes special…
    I’m sure you´ll remember the indian women, not as much as the letter, off course. But you´ll remember her.

  2. issis Says:

    Dunno why but, yesterday sitting on a bank waiting for the subway with my friend Auster I remembered this.

  3. DIY Says:

    I had the same idea three days ago but I decided to do it via mail…no idea if they’ve opened it…but I put my heart on it..in a way that I still get watery eyes if I read it. it’s very nice isn’t it???

  4. Knox Says:

    Sad history, I don´t know reason but all have their history of encounter and mix-up.
    Only we need the good moments and forget the good bye.

  5. Hanna_B Says:

    lo bueno si breve… la cuestión es haberlo vivido, y haberlo sentido…

  6. Tenblog Says:

    es tan bonita la melancolía….es tristemente lindo pero lindo al fin y al cabo. Las emociones siempre están bien. Me gustan todas

  7. words Says:

    Me ha parecido triste…y digo que me “ha parecido” porque mi ingles no da para mucho y algunas cosas no las entiendo, aunque las supongo, o imagino.


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