intensivo de documental con Gyorgy Karpati

hoy se acabaron dos semanas de intensivo con este gran teórico del documental. me lo pasé en grande y aprendí mucho. suerte que estuve, porque sino nadie hubiera traducido. un gran señor… un crack. por fin no solo aguien que farde de sus obras, sino alguien con un conocimiento teorico brutal, ética es una de sus preocupaciones, en como nos afectaba lo que veíamos. otro gran plus es su formación científica que hace que todo se analice mucho más en profundidad desde un punto de vista que pretende unir arte y ciencia de una manera muy efectiva. Sin olvidar, la parte de pensamiento creativo, como él dice: Strengthen your fantasy muscles. otra frase genial suya es: I don’t believe in the kiss of the muse…

Gyorgy Karpati Born in 1933 in Budapest, Hungary, Gyorgy Karpati received his first degree in medicine (1957) and then earned his degree in film directing (1964) and in 1992 he was awarded his university professorship from the President of the Hungarian Republic. During the past forty years he has directed about 200 including documentaries, scientific shorts, and short and full length fiction films. His films have won several awards at major international film festivals and his television programs have been awarded “Program of the Year” eight times in Hungary. Starting right after his graduation till 1999 he has been teaching non-fiction directing and editing at the Academy of Drama and Film, Budapest. His teaching methods and original exercises have been adopted in several schools and has been invited as a guest professor in many schools and universities from around world including; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Havana, Jerusalem, Sao Paolo, and many others. In 1991 he conceived and organized the first International Masterclass for DOP students; which is now held biannually. He has also served as a member or chairperson on many judging panels for numerous international film festivals including; Brussels, Cairo, Dortmund, Figuera da Foz, and Rotterdam to name a few. He is also a distinguished member of several European art societies including, Comite International pour la diffusion des Arts et des Lettres par le Cinema (CIDALC) and the European League of Institutes of Arts where he was awarded the “Croix du Chevalier” of the Order of Arts and Literature by the government of France and the “Knight’s Cross” of the White Rose Order of the Finnish Republic, both awards were given for his contributions to teaching art in Europe. He has also served as president of the International Short Film Conference, after his term was expired he was elected as Honorary President of the organization. He has also been elected to serve on the GEECT Executive Committee, the European regional organization of the Centre International de Liason des Ecoles de Cinema et de Television (CILECT)



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