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whatever words I say…

junio 25, 2011

-Peter, I told you to open the venetian shades.
Both were laying on the bed.
-I just need you to tell me something nice before I do it.
Julia suddenly removed the hand, which were caressing him and going through his hair, seconds before.
-I wont give you anything, you don´t deserve it….

vas por buen camino cuando aceptas escuchar cosas como: … no entiendo como alguien te puede hacer algo asi a ti?

no soy ningun santo, desde el momento que ocurrio me arrepenti

-Can´t see how I wouldn´t deserve it? Why is it, that I don´t spend a moment thinking if you deserve something and give it right away without waiting anything in return?
-Sorry, but sincerely Peter, you are piece of shit, and I do whatever I want with you, cause you want me and I don´t need you anymore.
Afterwards Peter thought, how hard it has to be when proudness and fear of giving yourself to others is worth more than what is really important. Realizing this, probably makes you a better human being, but doesn´t remove or delete that pain caused.

cuando aceptas que nadie y menos alguien q se le supone cercania, destroce tu autoimagen, tu sentido de lo que es correcto, porque … que conyo es lo correcto? si no algo consensuado, teniendo en CONSIDERACION al otro.

no, no es amor, se le llama enfermedad, balancear sobre tres manos cosas que solo se pueden entre dos personas… ser objeto de todas las criticas sin practicar la autocritica. porque es mas facil machacar a otro que mirar dentro de uno… mucho mejor es olvidarse directamente.

-Julia, please… don´t walk away like that. Make me feel home again. I need you… because I love you.
-You should probably do something to love me because you need me… I need you to be different.
– Even if I wanted, and there is no doubt about it, I am and you can´t see me.
Peter thought of conecting hairs in Avatar, of really seeing someone… but it was all a lie… he couldn´t see… he would only be able to see years after.

pero, vas por el buen camino, si no sientes rencor y solo quieres alejarte de cualquier pelea, cuando notas que no te hace falta esa negatividad en tu vida y empiezas a brotar.