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Dear world

septiembre 22, 2012

Dear world,

I’m worried, I always had a job. I speak 6 languages, have a film school title and I am starting to feel hunger.
That makes me angry. My wife just got pregnant and even searching for whatever job I can’t find one.

Spain’s “Justice” Minister wants to take off me, the only thing I had: a voice to protest and show I disagree, he is working on making click-activism illegal, with being almost impossible to get a 400€ help from the state, it will be impossible for my child to have a proper education because teachers jobs a cut from public budget to bailout a bank owned by the ruling party. Congress, which is meant to be the people’s voice, has been kidnapped. Street to congress are closed for months now. And from 24th Sept on there will be 3 checkpoints you’ll have to cross to be able to express your concern to a parliamentarian. It will be circled by 1400 policemen.
Every promise Rajoy did in his campaign is false and most of the cases he just did the opposite of what he said he would do. His excuse: he has no other choice. The democracy has been kidnapped in Spain and as the media is not covering it because most of the media is close to the right wing, 10000 of regularly protesting citizen are muted.
I am angry and am a rational person, but if I can’t get a job and I have an education which makes me understand what is happening… I don’t want to think of all of those which, having nothing to lose will start reacting differently. They squeezed a lot out of the people. People will start not caring, because they’ll have nothing to loose.



Give my voice a chance, I want to work.

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